who the fuck?

Ken Shakin is the author of a number of irreverent books staining the shelves of the public library, including Love Sucks (1997), Real Men Ride Horses (1999), and Grandma Gets Laid (2008). Walking the thin line between journalism and fiction, this roving reporter has looked for a story wherever it hidescrossing the borders of taste into the transgressive nature of the human beast.

The New York native is a graduate of the Juilliard School, with a degree in piano. He lives in Berlin in a house at a lake where, according to the plaque commemorating the spot, once upon a time not so long ago troublemakers in the neighborhood were dragged from their homes and drowned.

And yes, Ken Shakin is his real name.

"Shakin's darkly humorous and perverse works have earned him an underground following, largely due to the fact that he flaunts every standard of decency."—Contemporary Authors

Thrillerotica is one of the many places where the author lives in cyberspace. Thriller or erotica, depending on the scream. One word to describe a sensibility that combines the shudder of distaste with a taste for the insatiable.