thriller or erotica...
depending on the scream

Paperback and ebook
First published by Damnation Books 2010, 341pages
Amazon Kindle warning: High sexual and violent content

"Philosophy disguised as thriller and stripped to erotica."
—Phil Henderson

The perfect gentleman is a lady killer. A man who will do anything to satisfy the most flippant desire, stop at nothing for a fleeting moment’s stimulation of body and mind, whatever pleasure or suffering he causes in the process, no matter what price he ultimately will have to pay.

How far will a man go to reach new heights, new depths? Sex is not enough to fill the void of such a shallow abyss. How far will a man go to cheapen a thrill? As far as he can.

"Nihilism to the Nth degree."—Jason Honea, Social Unrest

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The Gay Lives of Straight Men
ISBN: 978-1-590212493
Paperback and ebook
Lethe Press 2014,  208 pages

If being gay in the new millenium is a good thing,
why is it still so unthinkable for a straight man to get fucked now and then? 

In these dark and dirty stories the man next door opens up. The hunk, the nerd, the thug, and the dentist.
In each twisted tale top and bottom reveal themselves through a common interest, the act that resists the label.
Opposites attract, whatever else you call it. Even in the men's room.

"His intellect is acute, providing insights with the deft and subtle cruelty of an impatient, psychologically sophisticated eye."
Lloyd A. Meeker, OutInPrint

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