hot or cold blooded... depending on your preference
ISBN: 978-1-579621636
Paperback and ebook
The Permanent Press 2008,  216 pages

"Shakin writes in a style that sustains his unpleasant visions...
in a manner that turns out to be oddly heartwarming."
—Publishers Weekly

Who is Grandma? A woman. A middle-aged woman. A mother. A grandmother. A frustrated sex object in need of something she may have once had but can never get again. A madwoman. Angry, or just plain mad.

When will Grandma grow up and act her age? When she gets laid.

"There are pungently funny bits... delectably bitter aphorisms... Eventually this buzz saw of a novel runs out of sacred cows and turns the blades on itself. Unnerving. —Kirkus

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ISBN: 978-1603814324
Paperback and ebook 
First published by Haworth Press 2006
Fanny Press 2010, 250 pages

"Investigative journalism meets erotica. Social studies for a hardcore age."—The Movie Times

Blending history and gossip into dissolute prose, Ken Shakin tells the tale of the Sodomite. From oversexed altar boy to electroshock crucifixion, a ravenous youth cut short by the cure. For sodomy. Once upon a time a crime against the state.

"Shakin is a wonderful stylist. His way with words is amazing. Caustic, mean, depressing in its way, no one reading this novel can possibly put it down.J. Peter Bergman EDGE Entertainment

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