something gay... or somehow funny

ASIN: B009AE77P8
Paperback and ebook
First published by GMP/Prowler 1999 2012, 244 KB

The Gay Men’s Press bestseller from the nineties, now reprinted in electronic form. Before Brokeback Mountain broke your heart, this collection told the sordid truth of the pink desert, in history, reportage and plain gossip. Cowboys come clean, Indians tell all, and the author as voyeur writes down the stories.

"Sexy and in-your-face with a vengeance, these stories dig through the entrails of life in a sensual desert."—David Fernbach, founder of Gay Men's Press

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ASIN: B00AN7NL38 ebook 2012, 282 KB

These blasphemous travel stories take the reader on a trip to nowhere, a bumpy ride that ends up in a place called Hell, which looks like the end of the world but is in fact a lonely seaside resort in Poland.

Along the way the author meets a devil in disguise, a man who claims to know the Pope and his boyfriend. Once again hearsay and gossip turn fact into fiction as Ken Shakin explores the mystery of human desire, sinning his way from Sodom to Hell in search of a revelation. Or just another sausage.

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