something erotic... to touch

ASIN: B00A806SSU ebook 2012, 457 KB

A love story in paradise. Just sex on earth.

She has everything an independent young woman could want. A job, teaching English as a second language. A career goal, to learn something else. An apartment to herself, just a room with a bed, and here and there someone to share it. If only she could believe in what she says and does, like the man she sleeps with. But he believes in the word of Allah.

Ken Shakin takes poetic license to tell the true story of an unlikely couple, a progressive English woman and an orthodox Muslim Arab man who find each other through a common language. Two foreigners whose lives cross in a strange place, they come together in the name of English and a dream. But no matter how close they get, they sleep worlds apart.

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ASIN: B086ZYFHRK ebook 2020, 2203 KB

Not a novel, not a story collection.

In expressing the qweirdness of the commonplace, Ken Shakin blends plain gossip with strange chapters from his own stuffed life. Each tale can be read independently, but tied together they form a satirical narrative of nonfiction prose with a poetic bent. Not recommended for people who believe in the tooth fairy.

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ASIN: B00E652XPA ebook 2013, 256 KB

A story in three courses. Fish, meat, and just desserts. But first, for starters, a long wait.

If sex can be a tease, why not food? Like a slow strip the meal unfolds and with it a tale of how the service came to be so bad and the food so good that a man would be willing to be treated like a slave by the woman who served it.

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