something dirty... only in words


ASIN: B0083C2F46 
Paperback and ebook
First published by GMP 1997 2012, 213 KB

Part I of the Gay Men’s Press bestseller from the nineties, now reprinted in electronic form. From Anonymous Dog to Confessions of a Smoocher the naked city is stripped bare through anonymous gossip, strung together for a long night out on the town. Read this book at your own risk.

"Shakin’s Rotten Apple is a Manhattan long ago scrubbed clean...taking the reader back to dingy piano bars, dirty back rooms, and jaded queens, all punctuated with immoral erectitude." —Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine

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ASIN: B0084FGV8S ebook
First published by GMP 1997 2012,
 222 KB

Part II of LOVE SUCKS. From Bottoms Up to One Bitch's Story each chapter takes you one step further to a place you'd rather not go. A book to hide under your pillow. So hold your nose.

"Structured, taut, economical writing, full of twists and turns and some pretty pungent surprises. Certainly the smelliest book around."

—Bette Bourne, The Royal Shakespeare Company

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