something beastly... that runs on batteries

Beasty Stories

ASIN: B008HHMH5E ebook 2012, 221 KB

A collection of rude fiction about love and hate between the species. These are bedtime stories for the grownup beast, full of beings from another world, our own, where the creatures talk and the civilized devour their neighbors.

Five shorts and a beastie novella: How To Tame A Wild Animal, a murder mystery about wine, women, and castration.

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More Beastie Stories
ASIN: B008P3OXOS ebook 2012, 196 KB

Another collection of unclassifiably twisted tales about love and hate between beasts big and small, deaf and dumb, brainy, brawny and horny too. This is reading material for the educated ape, informative and vile.

Not to be used as a handbook, it includes a FAQ for beast lovers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Petting*.

*but were afraid to do it

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